Emirates Assessment, Recruitment and Selection Process

Supervised Remote Training SRT®

Preparation for Emirates interview and assessment could be started 24/7, it comes with individual training plans for the capacity elements, exercises for maths and technical understanding incl. scripts and specified tutor for each element of the selection process.

Stage 1: Pre Selection Phase PSP 1 in Amsterdam or Dubai


The official 2-stage (actually 3-stages) Emirates selection program follows a fixed format and starts for european applicants with Pre Selection Phase PSP 1 in Amsterdam or Dubai for applicants outside Europe.

It consists of a Simulator Assessment at B737 or A320 (basic rough data flying incl. single engine procedure) and a standardized test to assess capacity skills and aptitude.


Stage 2 PSP 2 in Dubai and stage 3 Assessment Centre


PSP 2 (PSP 1 continues) contains the psychometric testing with the Advanced Control Test plus some guided tours of Emirates accommodations, Medical Clinics and schools etc.

Last step (exception of the medical of course) in the selection process is the Assessment Centre with group exercises and panel interview.


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Interview only

Emirates Interview Emirates Interview only

We make Emirates Interviews easy!


Professional ATTC interview coach, CV analysis, evaluation psychological questionnaire

Interview + Capacity

Emirates Interview + Capacity Emirates Interview + Capacity

Make the 1st step inbound Emirates!


Comprehensive preparation of the Preselection Phase PSP 1, interview incl. psycholog. questionnaire and CV ...

Emirates Full Package

Emirates Full Package Emirates Full Package

Start your career at Emirates!


Full preparation, PSP 1 plus PSP 2, interview, CV, extended psychological questionnaires, capacity, Assessment ...

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