Welcome to the Emirates Interview Preparation

As the ATTC experts, we know everything there is to know about getting applicants into Emirates – we’ve been doing it successfully for years.


Our Interview Coaching service is 100% customised to you and Emirates. Unlike other providers, we do not use a generic interview script. We create a tailored mock interview just for you with the questions most likely to arise and we deal with specific concerns and areas of weaknesses.

Our Interview Coaching Works - Here's Why


  • We evaluate the ATTC psychological questionnaire first in order to get to know about you
  • We analyse your CV and Person Specification
  • We conduct a realistic Mock Interview with you, based on the psycholog. questionnaire
  • You get expert live feedback on your answers highlighting any weaknesses
  • Plus expert help to create powerful and successful responses
  • Plus training on how to communicate confidently and effectively


We also help improve all aspects of your interview performance including using body language, creating an excellent first impression and reducing interview nerves.


Furthermore, you get the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a supportive and friendly environment. As a result you will feel more confident and less nervous and you will dramatically improve your chances of getting the job.

Your next steps:

  1. Register for the Emirates Interview Preparation, you'll receive your booking confirmation to your eMail.
  2. Check your eMail account and complete the payment. We accept all cards or PayPal.
  3. Your ATTC tutor will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the training schedule with you.
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