Welcome to the Emirates Full Preparation Package

By using the Emirates Full Package, you are 3 times more likely to get in!

The current  situation makes it hard even for qualified job seekers to get the (major) airline job they want. There are many more qualified job seekers for fewer available positions. Here at ATTC, we specialise in preparing the full entry scheme at Emirates.

We help candidates master the full process and teach them how to win the job at Emirates.

You may think that you are the best applicant for Emirates, with all the right skills, but you need to convince the people on the other side of the desk at your assessment that this is the case.


This package includes the complete Emirates process: Interview training, preparation for the capacity elements of the pre selection phase PSP 1 plus PSP 2 plus Assessment Centre.

Get all the in depth knowledge and information of the Emirates assessment. We specialize in providing Emirates preparation for all aspects of the selection process.

Contents of the Emirates Full preparation package

  1. SoftwarePackage for the capacity elements of Emirates PSP 1 which is made available immediately after registering.
  2. PSP 2 module Advanced Control Test for the psychometric testing of the pre selection phase 2 at Emirates
  3. Supervised Remote Training SRT® which comes with individual training plans for the capacity elements PSP 1 and PSP 2, exercises for maths and technical understanding incl. scripts and specified tutor for each part of the course.
  4. Interview preparation (psychologically and technically incl. CRM contents) incl. psychological questionnaire 10PF
  5. Extended psychological questionnaires 16PF (16 personal factors)
  6. Assessment Centre preparation with online group exercisesrole plays, problem solving whilst under time pressure, CRM case studies and exercises (all very close oriented to the Emirates original tasks)

Your next steps:

  1. Register for the Emirates Full Preparation Package, you'll receive your booking confirmation to your eMail.
  2. Check your eMail account and complete the payment. We accept all cards or PayPal.
  3. Your ATTC tutor will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the training schedule with you.
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